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"All in a Day’s Run" is for competitive runners, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who needs a "spark" to get healthier by increasing exercise and eating more nutritionally.

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This is what the running elite has to say about "All in a Day's Run":

"Gary's experiences and thoughts are very entertaining, all levels of runners can relate to them."
Brian Sell — 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"Each of Gary's essays is a short read with great information on training, racing and nutrition."
Dave McGillivray — Boston Marathon Race Director

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With 35 years of running experience including dozens of marathons, hundreds of races and tens of thousands of miles, Gary has a wealth of knowledge to educate, enlighten and entertain your group. At a race expo, pasta dinner, post-race celebration, running club meeting or team banquet, he tailors his discussion to fit the event. His experience and humor keeps attendees’ attention, enhances their knowledge and gets them ready to race smarter and faster.

Some Recent and Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Feb 2009 – Tallahassee (FL) Marathon & Half Marathon
Feb 2009 – Lakeland (FL) Runners Club
Mar 2009 – Real Florida Cross-Country 5k (Apopka, FL)
Mar 2009 – FitNiche Running Store (Lakeland, FL)
Apr 2009 – First Presbyterian Church of Maitland (FL) - Presbyterian Women
Jan 2010 – Ocala (FL) Marathon & Half Marathon
Mar 2010 – Nashville (TN) Tom King Classic Half Marathon
Apr 2010 – Road Runners Clubs of America National Convention
Apr 2010 – Orlando (FL) Team in Training
May 2010 – Vermont City Marathon
Oct 2010 – Chicago Marathon

Sample Speaking Topics:

  • "Gary's Running Pyramid" - A foundation of good health supports improvements in fitness and allows for reaching one's potential in competition.
  • "Get off the Road (Running on Soft Surfaces)" - The benefits of running on soft surfaces and the resulting decrease in injuries and increase in longevity.
  • "Racing Multiple Marathons" - Instructs runners in how to train for and race well at several marathons per year based on knowledge and experience from racing up to five marathons per year.
  • "Marathon Recovery and Resuming Training for Experienced Marathoners" - Teaches runners post-marathon active recovery to allow for mental desire and physical ability to resume training.
  • "Consistency and Variety" - The two main ingredients of any successful training and racing program.
  • "Half Marathons: Half the Distance, Twice the Fun" - The mental and physical advantages.
  • "The Myth of the 20-Mile Run" - Long runs necessary to ensure a good marathon effort based on one's ability and experience.
  • "Lessons Learned" - Eight lessons from 37 years of running and racing set up at five year intervals.
  • "Fit and Fast at Forty, Fifty and Beyond" - Based on my own experience of transitioning from a top high school, college and open runner and racer, to an older version of that same young runner and racer.
  • "100,000 Miles and Still Running" - This discusses the ups and downs of ten of thousands of miles and what it takes mentally and physically to look forward to each day's run.
  • Mental Preparation and Racing Strategy – Discusses planning for racing against the clock, versus certain opponents and how to deal with unforeseen circumstances.
  • The Four Seasons of Running – How summer training, cross country, winter training and track season in college or high school relate to each other and foster long-term improvement.